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Giving to God

Whenever there's a crisis that causes a drastic downfall in our economy, is it really wise—or required of us—to give? Certainly, God knows when we don’t have much money and He wants us to be wise with what we have, right? Besides, if God owns it all...why does He need our money?

The answer is He doesn’t. We don’t give out of God’s need for anything. We give out of ours.

While on this earth, Jesus talked more about money than hell.

That tells us it’s an issue that’s pretty important to Him. But not because He cares about or has need of money.

He knows how important it tends to be to us. Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love God with all one’s heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37). That means with our money, too, especially if it owns (or occupies) much of our hearts.

There are many teachings in Scripture to give sacrificially—not just of our time and abilities, but of our money, too. And in the middle of crises everywhere might be the best time of all to consider giving more. Of all the reasons Scripture gives us to part with what’s closest to our hearts

In His Love,

Ps Stephan

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